Aeriol ThixO #2 (Tube of 425 grams) | Aviation Grease


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Aeriol ThixO #2 Aviation Grease – 425 Gram Cartridge C -561 Maryn 3810-0

Aviation Grease replaces corrosion preventative compounds (CPC’s) in many areas on rotor hubb assemblies and is used on swashplate drive sets, splines and mast poles on various models as directed by the OEM.

Aeriol ThixO #2 has received many regional approvals by the Civil Aviation Authority in New
Zealand, Transport Canada, and other countries worldwide. Aeriol ThixO #2 is also approved and recommended for use in a wide range of bell helicopter models for specific applications
primarily to prevent rust, corrosion and seizing of critical components in drives, hub sets and splines.

When using Aeriol ThixO #2, it is important to note that it is NOT considered an alternate for other greases in all applications. Be sure to carefully read and apply all instructions found in the maintenance manuals and technical service bulletins published by the OEM.


Bell Helicopters / 299-947-554
Bell Helicopters / C-172
Bell Helicopters / C-561
Bell Helicopters / MB1913


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