AeroShell W100 plus (55 Gal) | Aceite de pistón

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Aeroshell w100 Plus

The advanced additives in AeroShell Oils W80 Plus and W100 Plus provide better rust and wear protection than conventional single grades. The additives work as a protective barrier to prevent critical parts from being slowly degraded by rust or wear, especially when an aircraft sits idle. This protection helps keep the camshaft and lifters coated, reducing the likelihood of premature damage and helping operators reach TBO.

AeroShell Oils W80 Plus and W100 Plus

■ Blended from selected high viscosity mineral base oils
■ Contains AeroShell’s proven W Oils additive package
■ Additional anti-wear additives (containing Lycoming additive LW 16702)
■ Additional anti-corrosion additives
■ Fully compatible with other approved aircraft piston engine oils


  • Colour ASTM: <3.0
  • Density @ 15°C kg/l: 0.887
  • Kinematic viscosity mm²/s:


@ 100°C: 19.5
@ 40°C: 190


  • Viscosity index: 119
  • Pourpoint °C: -21
  • Flashpoint Cleveland:


Open Cup °C 288


  • Total acidity mgKOH/g: 0.02
  • Sulphur %m: 0.44
  • Copper corrosion @ 100°C: 1 B
  • Ash content %m: 0.002


  • SAE J-1899 SAE Grade 50




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