AeroShell W120 (3 pzas de 5L) | Aceite de pistón

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Aeroshell w120

AeroShell W Oils are available in four different viscosity grades:

AeroShell Oil W80 – AeroShell Oil W100 – AeroShell Oil W120

Most radial engine operators use AeroShell Oil W120 in warm weather operations with AeroShell Oil W100 or AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 being used in cooler ambient temperatures.

AeroShell Oil W100 or AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 are the common choices for most operators of Lycoming and Continental flat engines but, during colder parts of the year, use of AeroShell Oil W80 in place of AeroShell Oil W100 would be an excellent choice.

■ Promote engine cleanliness
■ Help keep engines sludge free
■ Help reduce oil consumption
■ Help engines reach TBO (Time Between Overhaul)
■ Protect highly stressed engine parts against scuffing and wear


  • SAE viscosity grade: 60
  • Colour ASTM: 5.0
  • Density @ 15°C kg/l: 0.887
  • Kinematic viscosity mm²/s:


@ 100°C: 24.8
@ 40°C: 270


  • Viscosity index: 115
  • Pourpoint °C: Below -18
  • Flashpoint Cleveland:


Open Cup °C Above 240


  • Total acidity mgKOH/g: <0.1
  • Sulphur %m: 0.51
  • Copper corrosion @ 100°C: 1
  • Ash content %m: 0.006


  • U.S. J-1899 SAE Grade 60 – MIL-L-22851D.
  • British J-1899 SAE Grade 60
  • French (AIR 3570 Grade SAE 60)
  • Russian MS-20
  • NATO Code O-128 Obsolete
  • Joint Service Designation OM-370



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