Barfield DPI610 Aero Portable Pitot/Static Tester


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The Barfield DPI610 Aero is an inexpensive, portable, self-contained
single channel leak tester for aircraft pitot and static systems. The
unit is configured as a single channel unit for testing either altitude
or airspeed parameters. Scaling is provided in aeronautical units for
both altitude and airspeed, functions such as leak and switch test are
addressed directly.

A single pressure/vacuum selectable hand pump is provided for supplying
the necessary pressure (no electric or external pressure sources
required) for on-board leak testing. The test sets pneumatics are so
arranged that the units maximum rate of climb is +/- 3000 ft/min when
used with a recommended hose of 15 ft x0.25 in inside diameter hose at
altitudes below 15k ft.


  • Ideal for flightline leak checks and troubleshooting
  • Performs precision Pito-Static test
  • Fully portable, self-contained (no electric or external pressure sources required)
  • Rechargeable battery power
  • Pneumatic hand pumps and release volume adjuster for value settings (Press. or Vac.)
  • Releases valve and ground valve for lowering values to atmospheric. Rates limited to +/- 3k ft/min


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