Barfield DPS500 Automated Digital Air Data Tester (p/n 101-01190)


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DPS500 Air Data Test Set

DPS500 Air Data Test Set (pictured) is a selfcontained,transportable, fully
automated, user programmable Pitot-Static tester housed in a military styled
enclosure. The unit includes a DPS501 controller, a Pressure/Vacuum pump, and a
remote hand- terminal permitting convenient operation from the cockpit.

DPS500 flightline version and the DPS501 rack mount version are fully automated
units capable of providing simulation, testing, and precision calibration of
air data components on the flightline or in a certified repair shop. All
functions of the testers are fully automatic and require no manual sequencing
of valves or regulators. The DPS500/501 testers were developed to meet the aviation
industry’s increasing standards and the need for reducing
costs. Precision sensors achieve high accuracy read-out and control of both
altitude and airspeed parameters. The high accuracy and stability (see Air Data
Specifications for details) of the unit qualifies the DPS500/501 for certifying
aircraft for Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) operation and increases
the calibration interval from 30 days to once every year.





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