Barfield GE ADTS552F Wireless easy-to-use pitot static tester


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Replaces DPS450



Portable two-channel
flightline air data test set with large
pitot static volume capability for use
on a wide range of aircraft from light aircraft to wide body passenger and freight aircraft . Provides pitot static air
data validation, leak testing, fault-finding and avionics instrumentation

Designed for ease of use, efficiency
and accuracy, ADTS500 Series air
data test sets give you air data testing with just a swipe.

The ADTS Touch hand terminal with
Bluetooth®wireless technology removes the need to run
cables or hoses to the cockpit . The self-contained ADTS500 Series base unit can
easily be moved from shop to flightline.

The intuitive icon touch menu, just
like a smart phone, allows you to
quickly scroll through available tasks.
You can save and recall aircraft test sequences, view screens in a choice of languages
and access altitude, rate of climb, calibrated airspeed and true airspeed with
lightening-fast swipe commands.

The ADTS500 Series handles testing
requirements of almost any aircraft type.

The ADTS500 Series incorporates
advanced Druck TERPS (trench etched resonant pressure sensor) technology for
accuracy that ensures RVSM (reduced vertical separation minimum) compliance.
Druck Proportional Control Technology, coupled with a large pump capacity,
delivers smooth pressure/vacuum control at high flow rates to satisfy any
demand for high rate of change in a large volume.

The modular design of the ADTS500
Series allows you to upgrade to more
capability if your needs change. A two-channel pitot static tester can be
upgraded at any time to three or four channels. Easy user software
updates ensure your test sets are
always up to date. GE’s global support network and up to 24-month standard
warranty provide real peace of mind.


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