Barfield TT1000A Turbine Temperature Test Set


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The BARFIELD TT-1000A Turbine Temperature Test Set provides the means for quickly troubleshooting aircraft temperature
indicating systems. It has sufficient sensitivity and accuracy to test
thermocouple and system resistance, insulation, and indicator calibration. It
features portability, simplicity of operation, direct reading, and
multi-functional versatility.

unit was specifically designed to meet all requirements for testing aircraft
Chromel/Alumel (CH/ AL) turbine temperature measuring systems and provides an
accurate display of thermocouple outputs in degrees Celsius (°C).

TT1000A is engineered for maximum ease of operation and includes an automatic
digital display that practically eliminates human error and reduces testing
time to a minimum. The test leads incorporate automatic temperature
compensation to re- move induced voltage caused by a “Cold Junction” created when
the test leads are attached to the aircraft. All of the features de- signed
into the TT1000A have been added to reduce maintenance time and cost as well as
provide a maintenance friendly tester for measuring and displaying resistance
of thermocouple, thermo- couple rings and system lead circuits.


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