CESSNA Air Filter OEM P/N C-294510-0201 (P10-7150)


SKU: P10-7150


Cessna P/N C-294510-0201 Donaldson : P10-7150

There’s been a lot of discussion about increased horsepower from increased airflow. In laboratory airflow tests comparing Donaldson, Donaldson had the lowest restriction (best airflow).

Donaldson filters stop more dirt and protect your engine better. Donaldson filters use a synthetic media delivering consistent and reliable performance; they achieve 98.5% or greater filtration efficiency according to ISO5011 fine and coarse dust requirements, greatly exceeding the other filters.

Replace your air filter after three years, five cleanings or 500 flight hours; whichever occurs first. DO NOT over-service the filter. Over-servicing increases the risk of damage to the air filter from excessive handling and unnecessarily exposes the engine to dirty air.

If you are flying less than 500 a year, consider using Bracket P/N BA4106, which lasts 100 hours or one year.



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