David Clark (C3019B) | 18667G-48


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  • Needs to be wired into the accessories connector
  • For radios that do not provide mic bias
  • Features headset jack, positive action PTT switch
  • Belt clip
  • Rugged RFI-shielded coil cord

Additional necessary items for mounting:

18352G-23 Connector Kit for bulkhead mounting

09461P-07HA000 8 Conductor Shielded Cable (per foot) or equal

13238P-07 Protective cap (Optional)

connecting to one of the following radios and a DC 3800 intercom with
remote mounting of the radio please reference additional adapter model
40107G-01. M400 Radius, Maratrac (Advanced Head), Spectra, Syntor X9000

  • CODE: 18667G-48


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