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DC PRO-XA, at just 7.5 ounces, is the lightest, full featured ANR
headset in its class. Featuring advanced comfort and performance
features, the DC PRO-XA is designed with a 5-pin connector for Airbus
aircraft. Provides excellent Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancelling and
® wireless audio for pairing with cell phones, tablets, music players and other Bluetooth® compatible
devices. The headset receives power directly from the aircraft.
Batteries provided with the headset are only required if the headset is
disconnected from the aircraft panel. The DC PRO-XA headset comes with a
30 day, money back guarantee.


  • 5-pin connector compatible with Airbus aircraft
  • Soft, Outlast® technology, heat absorbing head pad
  • Hybrid ENC technology for excellent active noise reduction
  • Plush, rest-on-ear (supra aural), leatherette ear seals reduce heat buildup
  • Rugged, yet lightweight alloy suspension, just 7.5 ounces
  • Compact control module with intuitive, multi-function control pad
  • Bluetooth® wireless audio
  • CODE: 43100G-04


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