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David Clark helicopter headset fitted with a coiled cord and a single U174 jack. Unlike other noise-attenuating headsets, the H10-60H allows you to adjust the headset pressure for perfect comfort. It’s also the first headset that can be used in either fixed-wing aircraft or rotorcraft by simply changing the detachable cords. The H10-60H has a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 21-23dB, depending on the pressure setting. Features M-7A amplified electret microphone, dual volume controls, soft air-flow pillow headpad and gel-filled ear seals. Weighs 22 oz.

Features :Noise reduction rating of 23dBs.
New headband with soft-foam air-flow pillow assures comfort and eliminates hotspots
Headband plated steel meets military specs
Headset pressure adjustment
Headband locknut allows the setting of vertical adjustment for a perfect fit
Dome and stirrup swivels provide universal fit for ear domes to the side of the head
Flo-Fit Gel earseals
Shock and vibration resistant earphone mountings
Earphones wired in parallel for reliability and safety should one fail in flight
Dual volume controls
High impact domes
Shielded cords to prevent RFI or EMI interference
Patented combination flex/wire boom for easy, precise mic placement
Boom guide lock
M-7A amplified electret mic gives clear crisp transmission.
Two cord selections.

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