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David Clark H3310 Aviation Headset.

This advanced headset provides the
highest quality sound, even on a noisy runway. That means your ground
crew will be able to easily stay in contact with one another and with
pilots or crew members, regardless of outside noises or interference.
The headsets are corrosion-proof and are safe for use in any weather
conditions. They include a built-in microphone and deliver crystal clear
communication at all times. The H3310 is also equipped with a
noise-cancelling, amplified dynamic and noise-shielded microphone for
effective voice transmission. A 30 inch straight cord is included, which
plugs into Series C31-XX extension cords to offer greater freedom and
mobility. In addition to its technical capabilities, the H3310 headset
includes a stylish and corrosion-proof chrome-plated headset to resist
wear and tear.

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