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The David Clark H3332 Headset/Microphone is designed specifically for
your base’s de-icing team. This state-of-the-art headset provides
incredible noise attenuation and crystal clear reception. The H3332
de-icing headset features cushioned ear pads for additional comfort,
even during inclement weather and extended wear. Also featured on this
headset is an M-1/DC noise cancelling microphone, which will transmit
clearly on noisy or windy runways. Use this David Clark product for
hands-free use with its helpful microphone on/off switch. Our David
Clark de-icing headset is built to resist the wear and tear of outside
conditions. You can rely on this headset to deliver uninterrupted
communication in any weather. This product is designed to last. The
H3332 all-weather headset is equipped with a five foot coil cord for
flexibility on the ground. This cord terminates with a weather-resistant
PJ051 plug for your convenience.
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