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David Clark 12523G-01 H5020 Voice Powered Headset.

Most Communications systems require an AC or DC power source. David
Clark’s Voice Powered System requires only your voice to generate the
power needed.

When you speak, your voice travels to a transmitter causing
fluctuations in a magnetic circuit. This creates a small amount of
current (approximately 20 micro amperes), which is enough to operate the
receivers on up to six headsets.


In its simplest application, a Voice Powered System can be just two
Headsets and a jumper cord. For more headsets, greater distances, or
portable applications, use David Clark jack plates, jumper cords, or
junction box.


Over-the-Head, Dual Ear, Noise-Shielded Microphone


David Clark H5020 Voice-Powered Headset features:


  • Headset with Noise-Shielded Microphone.
  • A push-to-talk switch is located on the Microphone Shield.
  • Recommended for Noise Levels to 125 dB.
  • Soft, ribbed head pad design stands up to everyday use and provides excellent comfort
  • Foam filled ear seals provide outstanding comfort and secure fit
  • 30-inch straight cord and single plug, electrical connector
  • NSN: 5965012822106




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