Royal Adhesives WS-8020RC A2
Sellante de Tanque de Combustible


(AMS-S-8802 A2 / AMS3276 / CMNP021 )
Equivalente: PPG PR-1440/PR-1422

6 oz (3.5 fl oz) | Kit de inyección

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WS-8020 Class A High-Temperature Resistant Fuel Tank and Fuselage Sealant

WS-8020 Class A is two-component manganese dioxide cured polysulfide sealant designed for fuel tank and fuselage applications. The cured sealant has excellent fuel resistance as well as outstanding sealing characteristics at temperatures ranging from -65F (54C) to 250F (121C), including intermittent exposure up to 360F (182C).

WS-8020 Class B exhibits excellent elastomeric properties and retention after prolonged exposure to jet fuel and aviation gasoline. The uncured product is a low sag, thixotropic paste suitable for application by extrusion gun or spatula. It cures at room temperature forming a resilient rubber, exhibiting outstanding sealing characteristics.

WS-8020 Class A conforms to the requirements of AMS-8802, AMS3276, and CMNP021 specifications.

Formerly: MIL-S-8802

Interchangeable with PPG: PR1422 A  , PR1440 A  , P/S890 A  , PR1435 A

Interchangeable with Flamemaster: CS3204 A


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Sellante de Tanque de Combustible”

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